The Timing of it All


As I went to take my afternoon dose of metamucil I saw two bugs skitter across the kitchen counter . They’re not roaches or beetles, but resemble both. It’s not those pesky stink bugs either. Seeing these kitchen invaders again gave me an odd feeling of relief because I’m not going to be in this apartment much longer.

There’s this virus going around, you might have heard of it. One significant result of its existence was the immediate ability to work remotely. I like working remotely, for an innumerable amount of reasons, which we’ll explore here over time. 

One night I was depositing rent money on the little online system my apartment complex uses. There was a lot of money that was due. It was more than I had in both my bank accounts. Shit.

I’m a 35 year old dude with a solid career path and a dog. Why is so much of my income going towards being able to keep the income, eh hem, coming? I don’t even like this apartment. I constantly hear footsteps from the neighbors above, trash pickup and parking is a nightmare and I already told you about the bugs. It’s bad.

I’ve got an idea though. It’s a little on the unconventional side, but that’s part of the allure I guess. I’m gonna buy a van and use it as a mobile office. Since I can work remotely now what’s the need for this place anyhow? With the cash collected after a few weeks of selling useless stuff that I’ve convinced myself I needed over the years I got to researching vans and mobile offices.

Wham! Enter #vanlife. An unavoidable hashtag when searching DIY van stuff. But we’ll circle back to that in a bit.

After some thorough research and a few test drives, I traded the 2 door 2013 Volkswagen GTi in for a 2019 Ford Transit T250 with the extended wheelbase and the Mid-height roof. At 6’ and some change, I needed to go as tall as I could. I’ve been taking a ton of pictures and some video of the build and posting them on my Discord server as a sort of build journal. It’s garnered enough interest and questions from people there that I’ve decided to bring it to The Primitive Fox.

This was originally supposed to be an online store for outdoor camping and survival equipment. Seems fitting for its new purpose. 

It gets better though, hang on. Recently there had been talk of businesses and offices opening back up. I was starting to get a little worried that things were getting back to normal and it’d be back to the rat race any day now…

Then the news came. To cut to the chase, the company I worked for decided to dissolve their BIM department. Being that I was the sole member of said department I’m now a statistic in the long line of the unemployed… The timing of it all.

Looks like this van is going to be home a lot sooner than originally expected. I am fortunate to have a loving and supportive family. One of the biggest concerns one could and should have with van life is knowing where they’re going to park on any given night. Thanks to them I can rest at ease knowing that my daydreaming about how to stand out as a panhandler is unnecessary. 

Thoughts of living off the grid in a hut while building myself a log cabin in the mountains has always been a dream of mine. I’ve often thought living in a trailer park to save money would be a good idea. Probably the only reason I’ve never rented or owned one is because I’ve always had the working roommate or boyfriend role on lock-down. It’s always been easier for me to throw money at a friend and let them deal with all the paperwork and landlord stuff. 

Being a bachelor again for the first time in a long time and after having a rude awakening to the housing market and how it can rip your credit score to shreds within a month, I’ve just gotten to the point where I really need to switch it up. I can’t afford any property or a houseboat. And us humans just aren’t quite ready for life in space. The day before I got laid off I finished the Murphy bed in Looloo and as I write this, it’s the week before Porcfest 2020. I haven’t gone since 2014 and it’s the perfect trip to kick off this new life. Just need to wrap up a few more things to get it ready for a week of camping. It’ll be nice because the camp grounds have public restrooms since mine wont be done in time.

Anyway, here we go.

It’s happening

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  1. If you venture west bets to let me know so w can get a smoke session going also some amazing places in the mountains here in northern California I miss you bud good luck

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