New Year, Who Dis?

It’s finally here! That glorious moment everyone has been waiting for. The year 2020 is over and all the pain and confusion from a virus and the constant bickering from all sides of the political paradigm, that will all be over now.


“Man, I can’t wait until this year is over,” and “2020 sucks!” were pretty common statements I heard. It almost seemed like most were blaming there woes on the date. Well the whole year though, so 365 dates.

That’s kind of like cutting a piece of lumber too small and then blaming the tape measure.

But I digress, I’m not at my keyboard right now to add to the complaint pile. People are going to push the blame for their problems onto external sources because it’s easier than accepting ones own shortcomings.

When it comes to shortcomings, I’ve got to admit, I had an overflowing trash pale full of them. Projects that I started and for whatever reason, stopped mid stream, pushed it to the side and got going on something else instead.

The hoarder in me would always say, “Hold on to that, you never know when you might pick it up again”. One could call it ADD if they want to get all clinical, but I think it’s my desire to maximize the enjoyment I get out of this one human lifetime I have.

This isn’t a year in review piece though. This is more so to get you up to speed on the last 4 and a half months and maybe shed some light on why this here blog went quiet.

After I had finally gotten Looloo “powered up” it was time to get the hell out of that apartment. This was the most atypical move I’d ever made. There was no hard deadline for me to leave since my lease wasn’t up until mid October, but I had zero reason to stay in that area.

Funds were starting to dry up despite all of the unnecessary bills that I had been shedding all year. Did you know that you don’t actually need 5 different video streaming services?

Alright, so how can I use my van to make enough money to keep paying for it?

I got it… Deliveries.

A quick look online for some options and before I knew it I was laying out a business plan for a messenger service [Shortcoming #003625]. Meanwhile, I had wandered into a job delivering flowers for this quaint little shop in the heart of Baltimore City.

Payload secure

Hot damn was that an experience! I have a profound new respect for delivery drivers and finally understand where the expression “Going Postal” comes from. As a driver with a heavy foot who suffers from mild road rage and despises traffic lights…I lasted about 4 weeks [Shortcoming #003262]

To be fair, it could have gone on longer if they’d have just helped out with gas or fluffed up the paycheck a little. It was a contractor gig though so that was part of the original agreement. If I wanted to have my fuel costs covered, I’d have to come on as a full-time employee, use their van and work 8+ hours a day.

So I decided to bide my time continue learning to handle the traffic and get better at laying out efficient routes. More importantly I was gathering all kinds of information that I’d need for my future messenger service.

About the second week into this flower delivery job I’d started taking on handy man jobs through this company that uses an app to connect it’s users, who need things done, with people who get things done. A common task I’d take on would be something like assembling shitty flat pack furniture from Ikea or Amazon, or mounting their new 70 inch viewscreens.

The thing that struck me odd was that my clients LOVED to give me their reasoning for not assembling it themselves. Especially the men. It’s as if they had to forfeit points on their man card to use the app and were going to be able to recover said points through me if they had a compelling enough story.

I couldn’t have cared less as long as I got paid. I wasn’t getting rich quick or anything, but I was making some decent money. Parents were ordering up every cheap desk around for their new jobs as teacher aide at home. College folks were getting their dorm rooms ready for the fall term just incase they were allowed to attend classes.

Very quickly the repairman work took over the flower deliveries.

I was doing something right.

Ok new plan, I’ll start a handyman business [Shortcoming #003263]. I’d already banked a handful of returning clients and people almost always wanted my private phone number so that we could side step the app fees.

It was such an interesting time to be meeting so many people. All this talk of essential workers and stay at home orders in the media, yet here I am, being invited into peoples homes. Right off the street and probably coming from another house where there were people. It was surprising how welcoming people were even though I could have easily been bringing the dreaded ‘Rona into their homes.

More inspiring though were the conversations I’d have with people while putting their new bookcase together. We’d usually wind up discussing wherever news story had just aired on their TV. I mean everyone had the news on unless they were working. It was hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

While I was transitioning from that apartment back up to my folks house I continued doing the handyman work. However, once settled, I started seeking more “stable employment” again. It’s always been so engrained in my head that you need a job with a steady paycheck in order to live comfortably. Unfortunately that leaves the control in the hands of your employer. They’re trying to save a buck too.

Ever since the age of 14 when I hit the workforce with my first job as a dish washer at a local restaurant I’ve taken issue with how much of my time and energy goes to lining the pockets of business owners who’d decide when I had to be there, when I was allowed to make a doctors appointment or to take a week off to take some vacation to a place I didn’t feel like going to in the first place.

This year that all changes. Happy New Year you beautiful human you.

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