I’ve been screwing around with bees!

Nah for real. I’ve been wanting to do bees for a long time and just got around to collecting some used equipment towards the end of winter. The following video sums up everything quite nicely.

For the record…I had only an inclination of what to expect going into this. Folks may try to deter you with a bunch of fancy talk, but if you’re reading this here…just go do it. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, you’re helping to save a whole friggin species! Even personal failure is an improvement!

Thanks for watching the video. This was a ton of footage cut down to 45 minutes. But I can’t tell you how good it feels to not only be helping an endangered species, but to also be using them to produce honey, bees wax and other goods. Now I kinda feel bad for folks without beehives. Quit asking for permission and go build a hive! Go ahead…your neighbors will love it when you give ’em a free jar of honey.

Much love,