Bed, Bath and Hammock

I’ve had my longest stint in the van now. A couple hot nights and a few really cold ones. I need to repair/finish my insulation. The condensation is real.

Porcfest really was the perfect place to break in Loo Loo. I hadn’t been camping for this many consecutive days since 2014. Every aspect of camping is better now. And I am quite comfortable through most weather.

We got really lucky with the weather for the festival. Only a little bit of rain on Saturday. However Sunday and that Monday after were a different story. Lots of sites had to pack up wet gear on Sunday. I opted for an extra day just because there was no need to hurry out of there and Forkfest started the next day.

It took a couple days for Rosie and I to get into a groove. This was her very first camping experience and my first solo Porcfest, with a young dog no less.

At first I was bringing her into the bathrooms with me because I felt like I should use my van toilet only when absolutely necessary. Other times I’d have people asking about Rosie down by the bathrooms so I’d just get them to watch her for a few minutes while I took care of business. [Currently proof reading on the can in my van at a walmart]

Regardless, I got my rear windows covered good and fixed my privacy screen so now when I gotta go…I go in the van. This was a game changer. Not only could I now go whenever I felt the urge, I could now do it in an air conditioned environment with all the elbow room you could ask for. And Rosie just lays on the bed being the little princess tons of people have now reminded her she is.

Speaking of elbow room, I ripped the murphy bed out after one night. It was cool and all, but that was about it. Way too difficult to get in and out of and it turned the open space below into basically an empty void that quickly filled with junk. So then you’d have to exit the van to go around to the back to access something you put at the foot of the bed. This is no bueno.

Ive been swapping between sleeping with the mattress on the floor and using the hammock. The first time in the hammock was started out great. But then it got really cold (hence the need to finish my insulation) and trying to stay in a hammock and a sleeping bag was proving to be tricky. Back to my mattress on the floor.

Keep in mind that Rosie usually sleeps with me so she’s been trying to figure out her new routine as well. Her car seat has been doubling as her bed. Luckily I have an extra one back at the apartment. It has a built in leash so when I do need to leave the van opened up while working on camp, or something, I’ll know she’s safe in her bed. She hasn’t pooped in the van once. She did pee once but that was my fault because I had her tied up so she couldn’t jump out. She had nowhere else to go. Lesson learned.

Once when I was using the main bathroom by the campgrounds office. I overheard some bored kids making fun of the bathroom setup and how the stall doors were tricky to close all the way. Ive heard a lot of complaints about the hot water going out and the toilets being closed due to another tampon flusher. One guys was so furious that he had to take a cold shower, I had to make jokes about it to get him to clam down so I could enjoy my own cold shower. I mean we are camping. If you need those creature comforts you can always rent a room at a near by hotel. But hey, they have their own set of things to complain about.

As I write this I’ve woken from my 8th night in Loo Loo. I was supposed to have slept at my friends house but the massive amounts of rain really put a dampener on things. But we’ll save that for the next post. I need to go finish cleaning her out. Its time to build a new bed!

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