About Us

This is Rosie and myself the day I brought her home from the breeder. It was important that my wish for the Dear Jack Foundation (which helps out cancer patients while they’re busy trying to stay alive) was something full of life. She’s been with me through the last two years of my recovery and my health has gotten to the point where I feel better than I have in over a decade. This little girl keeps me active and constantly looking for places to take her outside. She is my travel companion and makes all the final decisions.

Regardless, I’ve found myself at an interesting point in life. I’m currently converting this van into a camper for semi-full time living while I travel around the country visiting friends and family for the next year or two. I’ll be meeting up with other liberty minded nomads at various festivals and events and seeking out experts of various skills and trades. Namely ancestral knowledge and primitive skills which are being lost and forgotten. I’ll be using this site and the help of friends and family to document the experience.

Travel plans and ideas will also be shared here. If you’d like to get together for some fishing, to show off your own rig or just to have a little skate session when I’m coming through your town, then feel free to send an email to the address below. It’s much more reliable for making plans than any social media. Be warned! If you offer your driveway for me to park overnight, or your shower and laundry room for me to use, then I just might do that. So don’t offer unless you mean it, my clothes get stinky!

Enough about me stuff, I need to go fix my sink!