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Welcome to ThePrimitiveFox.com

Primitive has many definitions. Most aren’t very flattering and somewhat derogatory. Regardless, it helps to illustrate the purpose of this website when you receive mental images of a Neanderthal using crude tools to improve the quality of life for themselves and their tribe. This is often what I think it looks like when I work on a solution to any problem I’m facing, especially when said solution involves swinging a hammer. Do I use modern tools and technology? Of course, I’m lazy so I like to do things efficiently. 

The tools, products, and techniques employed here can work in a broad scope of project types. This site showcases my projects for reference and offers solutions to you as a service.

The primary focus here is to create a detailed plan for flawless project execution, minimizing errors, and reducing wasteful spending. Wouldn’t you rather be ready for your deadlines instead of dreading them?

The current scope of active projects ranges from laying out a new recording studio to designing a new tiny home. Even a community of tiny homes. Some projects only need a quick wiring diagram, while some might require a detailed 3D model that evolves right alongside the project’s lifespan. Anyone can have an idea. Until these ideas get executed, they remain unrealized dreams. Are you ready to get started?

Whether your end goal is a working prototype, a slick and efficient new tiny home, or anything in between, if you need it designed, modeled or built in real life, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. To contact me about your project, just reach out using this form. Include any major details about your project and the timeline you’re working with.

I am a designer and a maker/builder with many unique skills to cover a lot of different project needs. You can read more about who I am on the about-us page, but I want to cut through all the clutter, break down projects to their most basic elements and realize the most efficient and cost-effective ways to achieve your goals.

The services section has more about what I can bring to your project. This list is not exhaustive, it’s a jump-off point to get collaborating. Please use this form to tell me about your project and receive a free quote!