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Welcome to ThePrimitiveFox.com

This site is designed to showcase my projects and offer the same services to you at a fraction of the cost of going through typical avenues.

Our main focus here is detailed design and planning for flawless execution, minimizing field and workshop errors and reducing the need for multiple prototypes. Wouldn’t you rather be anticipating your deadlines instead of dreading them?

You could be updating your recording studio, or designing a new tiny home. Maybe you want to plan out and entire community of tiny homes but don’t know where to start. Some projects only need a quick wiring diagram, and some an entire 3D model with parameters and sets of drawings. Until these ideas start getting executed they will remain unrealized dreams.

Whether your end goal is a fancy new logo for printing, a slick and efficient new tiny home design or anything in between, if you need it designed, modeled or built in real life, then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

To contact me about your project just reach out with this form. Include the major details about the project and the service(s) that you’re interested in.

I am a designer and a maker/builder with many different skills to cover a lot of different project needs. You can read more about who I am in the bio page, but essentially I want to cut through all of the clutter, break down projects to their most basic elements and realize the most efficient and cost effective ways to achieve your goals.

In the Services section you can find out what I can bring to your project. Many skills are listed there so feel free to ask about any of them. The important part is to get collaborating.

Thanks for coming by and I look forward to working together!